AVM Solutions' proprietary DRX solution offers a new way to find collateral financing indications from collateral and cash providers.

Our global network consists of participants from every sector, including regional banks, money market funds, international banks, REITs, pension funds, community banks, municipalities, securities lending agents and hedge funds. This vast network enables us to compile competitive bid and offer indications, and help you find previously unavailable sources of liquidity.

Some of the benefits of registering for DRX

  • No Cost to Register
  • There's No Obligation to Trade.
  • Registration for DRX is limited to non-broker/dealers
  • Constantly updated information sections like:
    - AVM Repo Commentary.
    - Real-time updated Repo Rates.
    - Trade Axes.
    - Product Notes.
    - Repo Bulletins.
    - White Papers.
    - Links to information on our other sites like AVM Solutions.

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